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Updated Patch!

Installing Citadel on FreeBSD is now easier!  Plus, this time IT FREAKING RUNS!



  1. mkdir ~/cit
  2. doas mkdir /usr/local/ctdlsupport
  3. fetch
Download all 4 files attached to this post.  You'll need to switch to "Bulletin Board" or "Mail Folder" view to do this.
Upload these files to your server's ~/cit


  1. patch -i install.patch
  2. doas tar -xf citadel-patches-FreeBSD.tgz -C /usr/local/ctdlsupport



  1. chmod +x install
  2. doas ./install

This patched version of "install" does support FreeBSD's pkg to install required packages.

When the installer asks "Do you want Easy Install to attempt to install your OS dependencies?" just press Y and hit enter.



  1. doas pw adduser -n citadel -u 100 -c "Citadel Login" -d /usr/local/citadel -s /usr/local/citadel/citadel 
  2. doas cp /usr/local/etc/rc.d/citserver
  3. doas cp /usr/local/etc/rc.d/webcit
  4. doas sysrc citserver_enable="YES"
  5. doas sysrc webcit_enable="YES"
  6. cd /usr/local/citadel
  7. doas service citserver start
  8. doas ./setup
  9. doas service webcit start


Finishing Bits

Depending on your configuration, there may be some additional stuffs required.  For example, I wrote a couple scripts to get and renew LetsEncrypt certs.  I also had to meowdify my nginx configuration to make it all work.  Everything after getting Citadel up and running is specific to your installation and use-case.  Enjoy!

Posted by LadySerenaKitty on Sun Apr 17 2022 20:53:33 UTC
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Citadel on FreeBSD

Over on the UNCENSORED Citadel (at ), I made a post with my work getting Citadel and its tools to compile on FreeBSD.  Unfortunately, I had not actually run it, so there are some outstanding issues that remain unaddressed.  I am working on this.  If you are reading this on Killer Kittens (my Citadel at ), then you already know I did actually get Citadel running on FreeBSD.  Yay!

Posted by LadySerenaKitty on Fri Apr 15 2022 20:35:48 UTC
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